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Solutions on LiFi use cases

Engineering - Infrastructure - Global LiFi 5G Solutions Integrator in smart home - Building - Ligthing - City - IoT

Crantec is an Architect, Integrator and Global Supplier of LiFi Solutions. Experts in Systems Infrastructures - IP Networks - Datacenter - Home Automation, we have been working in close collaboration, for several years now, with the PureLiFi Company. This collaboration allows us to have access to LiFi technology, and positions us on the market as an Architect, Expert, Global Supplier and Integrator of LiFi solutions with our Customers, among others, Key Accounts.

Crantec is one of the Pioneers in LiFi technology integration. Since 2013, Crantec has started working on the first BETA versions of the high-speed LiFi of the PureLiFi Company's "Li-1rst" System. This strategic vision has allowed us to acquire a long experience and recognized technical expertise on the integration of LiFi solutions.

We have developed and manufactured solutions on concrete and practical use cases of high-speed LiFi technology:- - First Digital frame with integrated high-speed LiFi - Touch table and digital signage kiosk with integrated high-speed LiFi - Pioneer of the integration of high-speed LiFi in the Smart Home with a LiFi Gateway to integrate Luminaires connected to the IP network with KNX, Loxone, BACnet Home Automation - Public Luminaires and Floor Lamps with integrated high-speed LiFi - LiFi IoT router equipped with 24 Ethernet ports - LiFi luminaires and floor lamps with Vision and Intelligence Integrated Artificial (AI) - Safety Luminaire Block with high-speed LiFi, Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated. This technological advance has allowed us to hold Patents on our solutions.

Participating for more than 8 years in the adoption of LiFi worldwide, Crantec will be providing its customers with Gigabit LiFi technology, components and mobile LiFi access solutions to support them in their deployment Projects. Crantec is your Global LiFi solutions Provider.

LiFi Gigabit 5G mobile network expertise for smart building - Office - Commerce - Residential - Hotel

LiFi Solutions Ecosystem

Crantec is PureLiFi Global LiFi Solutions provider and integrates LiFi technology into its Solutions to develop and deploy LiFi wireless mobile networks to extend and densify WiFi wireless connectivity in different sectors of activity.

To deploy LiFi as a mobile local area network (LAN) technology, choose the technical foundation on which all LiFi Access Points and all other network equipment will be connected. In a building, luminaires, LiFi and WiFi Access Points, can co-exist to form a mobile data network. Luminaires and Access Points must be able to be connected, controlled and managed from the same IoT Platform.

Our LiFi Light Communications & Services Platform offering is a market innovation for all LiFi wireless mobile network deployment projects. Our Solution is designed to be easily integrated into Smart Building, Smart Office, Smart Home, Smart Hotel, Smart Hospital, Smart City infrastructures, in schools, in Airports, in industrial environments.

We are witnessing a new technological era with unprecedented change in the way buildings are used, operated and maintained. For example, the lighting network in a building becomes a communication network with the integration of LiFi technology. Mobility, visualization, data analytics and media-rich collaboration tools are rapidly converting buildings into digital workspaces. Architects, Designers who have understood the benefits of a flexible and robust technology infrastructure, and who not only can manage today's technological requirements, can also anticipate future needs by offering Building owners key benefits to take the lead in the real estate market.

Our offer to deploy a Mobile LiFi Network for wireless connectivity in Residences, Hotels, Restaurants...

Crantec recommends for Residences, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, ... a decentralized LiFi Mobile Network Architecture model with all Building Automation functions, room by room via the Ethernet IP network.

Some may wonder why install LiFi when they already have WiFi connectivity? Certainly, a Mobile LiFi Network is complementary to your current WiFi Network. But LiFi brings an advantage in terms of security, network density, reliability and speed reaching more than 20 Gb/s. When several people use a WiFi connection within an Establishment, the speed of Access to the Internet decreases and the connection sometimes becomes painful.

With LiFi, we will connect all your LiFi Access Point luminaires with your current Fiber Optic Network in order to create a dense, secure and reliable Mobile Communications Network. Thanks to the use of non-visible light, you have a very high-speed LiFi Mobile Network operational all the time even when the Luminaire is turned off.

Crantec LiFi Marketing Services for Residential - Hotels - Restaurants

LiFi offers unprecedented privacy while providing robust, fast and reliable wireless communications. For the same reason that LiFi avoids interference with neighboring networks, it also offers greater privacy at home. LiFi signals are not accessible to residents, businesses or passers-by in the vicinity, as LiFi does not pass through walls. This LiFi feature makes wireless security easy for everyone to manage. At a time when devices, cameras, and microphones can be hacked using simple online tools, LiFi offers real peace of mind.

Reap these technological benefits to transform your LiFi mobile network into a source of revenue by selling LiFi Marketing Services in your Establishments. Crantec to deploy a LiFi Mobile Network Infrastructure with an integrated LiFi Marketing Services solution allowing you to generate revenue by selling advertising and digital services to your various Customers.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Give your customers and guests a LiFi network experience with personalized, contextualized digital content. Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Our Offer for VLC Services for Geo-Location, Geo-Contextualization, Geo-Notification in Buildings

Our offer to deploy a Mobile LiFi Network for wireless connectivity in Smart Building, Smart Office...

Our offer to deploy a LiFi Mobile Network for very high speed connectivity in Schools

Our offer to deploy a Mobile LiFi Network for secure and very high speed connectivity in Hospitals

Our offer to deploy a LiFi Mobile Network to access digital services via LiFi in the Smart City

Our offer to deploy a Mobile LiFi Network for Communications & Services in Industrial environments

Integrated Solutions - New Generation of LiFi Infrastructure Servers with Vision and Artificial Intelligence A.I.

From any isolated VLAN and with any standard workstation (not equipped with LiFi), users can access resources hosted on the local area network (LAN) in the Private Cloud, securely via the LiFi network. This solution guarantees all secure access to the Internet and the Corporate Private Cloud via the secure LiFi network, as all communications only go through the only LiFiHub IoT Server or LiFiRouter IoT Server, equipped with very high-speed Gigabit LiFi connectivity.

Integrated Solutions - Crantec is a Pioneer in the development of LiFi IoT Solutions - LiFiRouter, LiFi HUB by Crantec

Integrated Solutions - Crantec is a Pioneer in the development of LiFi IoT Solutions - LiFiStore IoT Server by Crantec

Integrated Solutions - Crantec is a Pioneer in the development of LiFi IoT Solutions - LiFiDrive IoT Server by Crantec

Integrated Solutions - Crantec is a pioneer in the development of LiFi IoT Solutions - LiFiRelay IoT Server by Crantec

Integrated Solutions - Crantec is a pioneer in the development of LiFi IoT Solutions - LiFiMail IoT Server by Crantec

Integrated LiFi Solutions - Our Gigabit LiFi Infrastructure Servers - LiFiCloud - LiFiStore - LiFiDrive - LiFiMail

Integrated LiFi Solutions - Our Infrastructure Servers LiFi Routers - LiFi Hub - Gigabit LiFi Relay

Our LiFi Router Servers is an innovation in the market in terms of Global Security of Information Systems in all business secteurs. Our Gigabit LiFi Routers ensure secure access to local resources and only communicate over the very high-speed Gigabit LiFi wireless networks.

Integrated LiFi Solutions - Our Mobile and Wireless Gigabit LiFi IoT Routers

Imagine the possibilities. For example, your Laptop Bag becomes your wireless LiFi Router, transportable for secure and mobile LiFi connectivity.

Integrated LiFi Solutions - Our Gigabit LiFi Access Point Luminaire

The future of lighting is digital. Currently, 80% of mobile wireless communications in the world are done indoors. By offering Gigabit LiFi connectivity on our luminaires to our Customers, they have the potential to become leading providers of 5G mobile communications inside their buildings.

Integrated LiFi Solutions - Our Gigabit LiFi Industrial Luminaires with Vision and Artificial Intelligence A.I.

The world's first industrial luminaire equipped with a 4K Very High Definition display, equipped with Gigabit LiFi technology, connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) and the Internet for secure Gigabit LiFi wireless mobile communications inside industrial buildings. This LiFi Access Point luminaire informs you in real time about the operating status of sub-assemblies of your industrial infrastructure. In addition, the luminaire can also communicate, it can see, detect, recognize and identify objects and people like any human being for security, surveillance and industrial espionage applications. (Patent)

Our Gigabit LiFi Solar Street Lights with Vision and Artificial Intelligence - A.I. for the 5G Smart City LiFi network

Crantec is developing a new generation of public lighting with integrated Gigabit LiFi for the very high-speed and 5G mobile communications network. Our Gigabit LiFi FloorLights are equipped with Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Security and Surveillance applications and also offer geolocated Digital Content on Smartphones.

Crantec develops and integrates Artificial Intelligence A.I. into its solutions for Security and Surveillance

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Artificial Intelligence or Computer Vision is going through a period of rapid evolution and disruption. By 2022, the AI market is expected to reach $48 billion, with increased demand and awareness for AI products. Industries such as robotics, autonomous vehicles and surveillance are rapidly demanding a Vision as an essential component of their current and future offerings.

Our vision on data privacy in Smart Home and Smart Office

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

As the smart home grows in popularity, IoT and Wi-Fi privacy remain front of mind for consumers. The CPX 360 survey reports that more than two-thirds (70 per cent) of consumers are concerned about the lack of security they have from hackers who might interfere or snoop on smart devices in the home.

The Privacy of light:

LiFi can provide unprecedented privacy while offering robust, fast and reliable wireless communications. For the same reason that LiFi prevents interference with neighbouring networks, it also offers much superior privacy in the home. LiFi signals are not accessible to a nearby resident, business or passing member of the public, because LiFi doesn’t pass through walls. This unique quality of LiFi means users can secure their networks by simply drawing the curtain and locking the door. This LiFi feature makes wireless security easily manageable for everyone. In times where devices, cameras and microphones can be hacked using simple online tools, LiFi offers real peace of mind.

The above illustration, demonstrates the different characteristics of Wi-Fi and LiFi. You can see the user on the left using the Wi-Fi network has a connection that is vulnerable to the neighbouring user. This quality of Wi-Fi leaves the user susceptible to Man-in-the-Middle attacks, theft of private information and interference. In contrast, the user under the LiFi network can be confident they are using a wireless connection that is not accessible to the neighbouring user or other passing individuals. As simple example, 96% of new car owners are vulnerable to relay car theft where thieves boost the RF signal coming from the wireless key and drive away in the car. This would be is impossible with LiFi.

Wireless Safe using LiFi Technology:

With LiFi, you can also host a private wireless network in your home that is not connected to the internet. This wireless network could hold your most private digital items such as passwords, family photographs, financial information and would be virtually un-hackable. Imagine a desk lamp or a living room pendant lamp discretely holding your most important digital information which is only accessible by light, and only you know it’s there – a digital safe in your home for the digital age.

LiFi in Enterprise environments:

LiFi significantly improves wireless security in the home as well as offering protection for many kinds of other wireless environments such as enterprise office settings. Sectors such as finance, legal pharmaceutical, intelligence and defence industries have very robust wireless security policies that make maintaining Wi-Fi networks very challenging and, at times, impossible. LiFi can provide the same privacy to these environments and allow for secure wireless communications where it was not possible before.

Organisations can exploit more advanced LiFi security features such as asset tracking, geo-fencing, behavioural analytics and end user device hardware encryption. This level of security is possible because each light in a LiFi network has its own unique identifier, which allows network managers to track users very precisely and analyse their behaviour. The below animation illustrates a use case where the LiFi user is tracked and information is protected, using fine precision geo-fencing and behavioural analytics. Crantec LiFi Solutions Design LiFi not only has physical properties that inherently makes the technology more secure, it also presents massive opportunities for greatly enhanced control over information sharing based on location and user behaviour. LiFi provides the security of a wired connection with the freedom of a fast, robust and reliable wireless connection.

Integrated LiFi Solutions: Our Gigabit LiFi Connected Security Luminaires with Vision and Artificial Intelligence A.I.

Crantec is developing the next generation of Internet-connected LiFi Security Lights with Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a built-in High Definition display. This new generation of security fixtures are becoming LiFi Access Points to the Internet. In the event of a disaster, people trapped in inaccessible locations will be able to be identified in real time (thanks to integrated vision and AI) and in addition, people will have full access to the LiFi 5G wireless network, the mobile communication network for initiate real-time mobile and video conferencing calls with family members. Our LiFi security blocks are connected to the Building's Ethernet network core using PoE technology.

Light Communications Platform - Content Delivery - 5G LiFi Mobile Application Development Platform

The LiFi network will be accessible from all 5G LiFi mobile devices. Soon the first Gigabit LiFi Smartphone for the 5G mobile network. Now, all connected lighting becomes an Internet access point, a 5G mobile communication station and a network of digital services. From any LiFi luminaire, you can access the Internet at very high speed (Gigabit) without bandwidth constraints; Absence of electromagnetic pollution. Continuous information in the premises, in complete safety; Geolocation inside buildings; Secure Internet / Intranet access.

Designer of Light Communication Platform, Crantec is at your service to meet your needs for the development of dynamic LiFi applications: • access to geolocated digital content; • Advertising and targeted marketing; • Web Content; • Monitoring; • Alert; • Security; • Tourist guide; • Orientation;• Supermarket and shopping; • Retails; • Finance; • Banking; • Parking; • Smart City; • Transportation; • IoT Industry 4.0; • Operational efficiency in sensitive environments.

Crantec develops an innovative platform for communication and distribution of LiFi 5G Wearable IoT content

Imagine an innovative Wearable LiFi IoT platform for delivering content from a LiFi 5G network. Crantec supports you on the development and the integration of your Wearable LiFi IoT projects.

SolarLiFi by Crantec is a Green Tech Infrastructure Solution based on Solar, Fiber Optic and LiFi technologies

SolarLiFi uses PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology, which is now the ideal solution for a smart building. The technology makes it possible to inject direct current in very low voltage via standard Ethernet cables to both power equipment and exchange a large amount of data. The use of PoE in commercial buildings or in homes continues to grow due to the increase in connected objects in our workspaces or in our homes. Our solution controls and supplies direct current (DC) to electrical devices such as LED lights, blinds, air conditioning and various objects connected to the Internet (IoT), from robots to geolocation systems to Artificial Intelligence.

An open and connected Ethernet PoE platform for the next generation of LiFi Smart Home and Smart Building

Make Building Technical Management (BMS) more flexible and universal by using the latest developments in PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology.

A building without limits: Ready for services thanks to its network with open APIs; High-speed connectivity and easy addition of Internet objects in PoE.

Less environmental impacts: Significant reduction of copper compared to conventional cables; High energy efficiency through intelligent and efficient use of direct current.

Simplified maintenance: Reduction of electrical risks (<60V DC); The solution includes predictive maintenance features. Plug & Play connections via RJ45 connectors. .

Smart Investment: PoE applications increase the value of a building or home; Quick and easy reconfiguration of your office space, without any retargeting required, for the work environments and Smart Homes of today and tomorrow.

Increased security: a secure LOCAL IP network with the latest proven encrypted technologies.

Our LiFi Smart Home Solution fully powered by Solar Energy - Interconnected in Fiber Optic and PoE

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design Crantec LiFi Solutions Design Crantec LiFi Solutions Design Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

It is admins that global warming is leading us all towards an energy transition, self-consumption or energy independence. Solar Energy is therefore at the heart of environmental and economic issues with development strategies on a global scale.

Buildings are starting to integrate solar solutions to meet commitments to reduce CO2 emissions. Crantec presents an innovation in the market by developing an inteligent house "LiFi Smart Energy Home" fully powered by Solar Energy and PoE, and equipped with a free 5G Gigabit LiFi mobile communications network through LiFi LED luminaires as well as free wireless Internet access throughout the house.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Crantec integrates Gigabit LiFi technology in robotics with Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0

LiFi is a reliable technology for robotics and Industry 4.0 in general. We can now imagine the next generations of programmable 4.0 industries integrating LiFi Optical communication networks. Crantec is one of the pioneers in the integration of LiFi Gigabit technology into robotics. These robots are equipped with Artificial Intelligence for control, maintenance and surveillance operations. The information captured is transmitted via the LiFi network to the Management Center. They are mobile robots that can be controlled remotely.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Integrating LiFi as a mobile communications network to meet the challenges of increasingly large data transmissions in real time and whatever the environment. These robots can easily evolve in different industrial sectors to ensure inspection missions.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Crantec has LiFi expertise and technology. Crantec supports you in your integration projects of LiFi solutions in industrial robotics.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Imagine mobile robots equipped with LiFi receivers and equipped with Artificial Intelligence. These robots can be remotely controlled and can communicate in real time with Data Centers via the LiFi wireless communication network.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design Crantec LiFi Solutions Design Crantec LiFi Solutions Design Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Develop innovative LiFi mobile communication solutions for the Medical sector

Implementing a LiFi mobile network infrastructure in Hospitals, integrating LiFi solutions into medical equipment, Crantec is one of the Pioneers and opens the way to new areas of LiFi technology integration. Contact us for more information on our solutions.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Communicate with Intelligence in LiFi Smart Home and Smart Building using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants

Crantec manufactures digital furniture with high-speed LiFi, Vision and integrated Artificial Intelligence A.I.

Crantec develops innovative Urban Furniture solutions integrating very high-speed LiFi, IoT, Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give you access to the Internet for all in the City and for security and monitoring applications in real time.
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