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Crantec LiFi Secure Smart Home innovations

LiFi Smart Home - Connected home controlled via the IP Protocol integrating the LiFi mobile communications networks

LiFi Smart Home is a new generation of Connected Home to connect and control all the equipment of the House, for example: LiFi Luminaires - Cameras, Heating - Air Conditioning - Automatic Shutters and Curtains - Sensors, Swimming Pool, Multimedia - Security - and different Interfaces with a single Ethernet cable via the IP network.

Crantec offers the most understandable, flexible and Standard Solution for IP-based Building Automation and Implementation of LiFi Mobile Communications Networks. You want to build a Smart Home or renovate your current home, first think about the ease of implementation, maintenance costs over time, choices of technological features on digital communications and services.

Trust building automation architectures based on the Ethernet IP protocol that everyone uses in all sectors and that will still exist even 50 years later. Avoid Smart Homes using complex proprietary technologies and configurations that will only put you in a situation of dependence on installers for maintenance and this as your Smart Home ages.

Our LiFi Smart Home offer exploits the Technical Infrastructure Light Communications & Service Platform (LCSP), a reliable Solution offering possibilities for the integration of Solar technologies, to power all subsets of the House, interconnection with the Fiber Optic Network of any Operator and deployment of a Mobile Wireless Communications Network based on very high speed Gigabit LiFi technology, not only to benefit from a 5G communications network via the Light in its Smart Home.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Crantec is developing a new generation of Smart Home equipped with a 5G LiFi mobile communication network. Our LiFi luminaires incorporate 5G Gigabit LiFi technology, as well as a High Definition touch screen. The 5G LiFi luminaires are connected in PoE in order to offer you inside your Smart Home, a 5G wireless communications network, an innovative platform for the distribution of digital content.

Our Ethernet PoE Solution can be connected to renewable energies, such as Solar Panels, Slates or Solar Tiles for savings, renewable energy storage and the use of the home lighting network, as a mobile communications network and Internet access via ultra-high-speed LiFi. Your LiFi Smart Home can be controlled from Smartphone, Tablet, Touch Table, Touch Mirror, Digital Frame, Laptop PC, Smart TV, Voice Control Assistant.

Crantec is a Pioneer of the next generation of LiFi Smart Home

Crantec is an Architect and Pioneer of the next generation of LiFi Smart Home. Our innovations deal with, Design, Architecture, Confort, Automation, Connectivity, Security, Applications and Services....

LiFi Smart Home - The technological advantages of our LiFi Light Communications & Services Platform - LCSP

Crantec LiFi Smart Home - Energy Efficiency - Energy Savings Management

Simplified Smart Home LiFi Architecture - 100% PoE Ethernet - Fiber Optic Network Interconnection - LiFi Mobile Network

Crantec LiFi Smart Home - Control Interface Models - Comfort Features

Lighting is an important feature in any home. It provides illumination for daily activities, as well as creating atmospheres by light variation. LiFi LED lighting is modern low energy and allows, not only illumination, but also wireless Internet access on tablets, Touch Table, Touch Mirror, Laptop pc and soon on Smartphones. Your lighting network becomes an Internet or local intranet communication network.

Compared to traditional bulbs, energy-efficient LiFi LED lighting can lead to a 90% reduction in energy consumption. Our LiFi Luminaires allow lights to be switched on or off automatically, with exceptional dimming features. This allows a user unparalleled flexibility and control over all their lighting solutions. With our LiFi Smart home platform, all lights in a property can be controlled from one place, or remotely via your Smartphone.

Crantec LiFi Smart Home offers a new generation of Gigabit LiFi Luminaire integrating a 4K High Definition display

Equipment control solutions, Smart Home and Smart Building using Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Assistants

You can text by chat messaging with this A.I. Assistant to find out at any time about everything that's going on in your Industrial Environment, as well as what's happening in real time in your office or your Smart Home. Our Home Solution introduces a new generation of LiFi secure Smart Home with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can also be controlled via a private voice assistant, smartphone, tablet..

In your home you access the Internet network from your table or Touch mirror equipped with Gigabit LiFi Antenna

Crantec is a manufacturer and pioneer of the integration of very high speed LiFi in IoT, touch tables, touch mirrors, Video Screen Walls, etc ... Our solutions are currently in production at the key Business Accounts.

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