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Crantec LiFi Mobile Services

Crantec is a public lighting manufacturer with integrated 5G LiFi Gigabit, Vision and Artificial Intelligence A.I

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Soon, you will be using our 5G LiFi smartphones to access digital services and mobile communications from our 5G Gigabit LiFi streetlights.

Crantec was a Pioneer on high-speed LiFi integration in public lighting with vision and Artificial Intelligence - A.I.

Now imagine unlimited possibilities for developing LiFi Light Communication applications. Turn your street lighting into a mobile wireless communications network. Soon, you will use our Communication Platform to develop and deploy innovative LiFi mobile services. LiFi luminaire easily integrated into your existing street lighting network infrastructure and can be controlled from a single location, or remotely via your LiFi smartphone.

Classified Public Street Light LiFi Gigabit with Vision and Artificial Intelligence A.I for the LiFi 5G Smart City network

Light Communications & Services Platform - Content delivery - 5G LiFi mobile application development

The LiFi network will be accessible from all 5G LiFi mobile devices. Soon the first Gigabit LiFi Smartphone for the 5G mobile network. Now, all connected lighting becomes an Internet access point, a 5G mobile communication station and a network of digital services. From any LiFi luminaire, you can access the Internet at very high speed (Gigabit) without bandwidth constraints; Absence of electromagnetic pollution. Continuous information in the premises, in complete safety; Geolocation inside buildings; Secure Internet / Intranet access.

Designer of Light Communication Platform, Crantec is at your service to meet your needs for the development of dynamic LiFi applications: • access to geolocated digital content; • Advertising and targeted marketing; • Web Content; • Monitoring; • Alert; • Security; • Tourist guide; • Orientation;• Supermarket and shopping; • Retails; • Finance; • Banking; • Parking; • Smart City; • Transportation; • IoT Industry 4.0; • Operational efficiency in sensitive environments

LiFi Marketing Services to generate revenue in Smart Cities

Municipalities as well as Territories must now integrate the Business Model of LiFi Marketing Services to generate data and revenue through the sale of advertising space via the LiFi Mobile Network in the Smart City.

Reap the benefits of technological advantages to transform the LiFi Mobile Network deployed in the Smart City into a source of revenue by selling LiFi Marketing Services to Users. Crantec deploys a LiFi Mobile Network Infrastructure with an integrated LiFi Marketing Services solution enabling Smart City Managers to generate revenue by selling advertising and digital services to different audiences in your Smart City.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

In your Smart City, offer your Citizens and guests a LiFi network experience with personalized and contextualized digital content generating new revenue streams.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

The impact of digital technology on the environment as a major factor in telecom regulation

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of digital technology. Teleworking, urban exodus, remote care, connectivity to digital services has never been so solicited by the French. This acceleration reminds local authorities of the importance of quickly completing the very high speed plans (THD) currently being deployed, but also of preparing the new uses of tomorrow whether for them or their citizens.

The Light Communincations & Services Platform by Crantec, is a pioneer in the integration of 5G Gigabit LiFi in connected objects. Our new LiFi mobile platform gives you access to Digital Services, a wireless mobile communications network thanks to light in the Smart City.

Imagine wireless internet access in the city on your smartphone or tablet or purse by light - LiFi

Imagine LiFi as a very high-speed wireless Mobile Network powered by Solar Energy, interconnected to the Backbone Fiber Optic Network and the 5G Network.

Crantec supports you in all your 5G LiFi mobile network infrastructure projects in the Smart City .

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