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LiFi Gigabit networking for innovative services

Our Gigabit LiFi VideoConferencing Solutions for Virtual Workspace in Smart Office and Home Office

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

LiFi technology offers very high bandwidth (1Gb/s), low latency and wireless optical network density to deploy Visoconference solutions for Workspace Virtualization. There are circumstances that require companies to temporary use of remote work. In the event of a major health crisis, such as COVID-19, major social movements or exceptional weather events, teams need to organize themselves. The task can be complicated for those who have never done so, the Remote working experience.

Beyond the regulatory aspect and the tools to be used, to put in place this such an organisation involves changing its look at how to manage your teams. If you need to quickly generalize remote working, here's 10 recommendations that will allow you to create simply and in less time your virtual open-space.

COVID-19 as an open opportunity for LiFi network infrastructure and digital online collaboration services

During the dark hours of COVID-19 Pandemic, we all witnessed a collective impossibility of being able to go to the Office Workspace. Remote Working, Telehealth or Telemedicine has become the recommended means of working or benefiting from remote medical advice.

1- Prior to introduce a Remote Workspace strategy, a legal framework must first be defined. In a normal situation, the introduction of Remote Workspace a company requires a charter or enterprise agreement. An agreement between an employee and his employer is nevertheless sufficient under the law to introduce Remote working space; The labour code gives the possibility of formalizing this freely agree, by any oral or written means. An endorsement of the work is not necessary. Note: in case of force majeure, as in the case of an epidemic, the law can impose Remote working to a company and its employees.

2- Making the right collaboration tools available: The first priority is the deploy of a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) allowing all your employees to access the company's local network via a secure internet connection. Your team members must also remotely access the company's email server via the use of a webmail. Finally Installing a file exchange platform can also be Considered. To these tools can be added asynchronous communication solutions (wiki, corporate blogs, etc.)..

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

3- Option for an adapted videocollaboration solution: Another priority in a remote relationship between employees: to find a feeling close to that provided by a real work environment. For this reason it is essential that you use a reliable video conferencing tool, simple to deploy and equipped with many collaboration features, such as offices documents sharing, file transfer or instant messaging. To go further, our visioconferecing solution offers advanced video-collaboration features, which allows you to combine multiple focus groups within the same video-collaboration space. The solution is quick to install and provides a realistic feeling close to a face-to-face meeting.

Integration of Telemedicine and LiFi secured Visioconference solutions in a Virtualized Workspace

4- Staying connected continuously to your virtual open space: Keeping in touch is essential for your teams learning to telecommute. In order to find the interactions you had in your offices it is therefore advised to consider an ongoing audiovisual relationship within the your teams. The video-collaboration mode responds to this need and optimizes communication between the different members creating a virtual open-space. In the same way, videoconferencing it is possible to talk only to certain participants without disturbing others and even choosing to isolate themselves to work at the quiet by being connected to his team.

5- Don't change your habits: Once your workspace is dematerialized, it's important to keep going to apply the rules and habits of the office, including those related to working hours. In this context, enforce the rights to disconnection and privacy. In fact, invite your employees to join and leave your virtual open-space at specific times like you would in the office.

6- Trust your employees: Control your employees in real time: you don't even think about it. The trust is the cornerstone of a successful collaboration, particularly when it comes to telecommuting. By generalizing remote working, you necessarily give more autonomy to your team members who are are often more involved in their mission and in the lives of The company.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

7- Communicating: Even if your time is running out, it is essential to explain well to your teams how you'll collaborate remotely: communicate with pedagogy on the future organization, train on the new tools and above all, stay tuned. Also announce upstream to your customers and your new way of operating, which they will be able to easily adapt or even adopt.

8- Focus on conviviality: Business is a place of exchange and social relations that must be absolutely preserve in your new organization. Every morning, your arrival, don't hesitate to find yourself as you would around The coffee machine. As the day progresses, leave moments of discussion free and friendly. By maintaining such a relationship, you will avoid employees the feeling of isolation they might encounter in the remote organization, especially if it is imposed by a remote organization crisis situation.

9- Always ensure the confidentiality of data and communications: The hasty implementation of telework should not obscure the risks this type of collaboration can put businesses through. When employees are spread out in different places, security must be and pay close attention. It is therefore imperative to deploy the most reliable solutions on the market. As stated previously, a secure VPN is essential as well as a cloud-specific The company. Similarly, the confidentiality of communications should not be be neglected. For example, our video-collaboration solution integrates end-to-end encryption of communications (videos, audios and data) regardless of the number of employees connected. It is, moreover, that the only video conferencing solution in the market to be certified and qualified National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI).

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

10- Make an evaluation for your company and your employees: Once the crisis period has passed, it may be interesting to draw up a assessment of the temporary implementation of this remote worskspace and remote organisation, analyze the feedback from your teams. During this phase of the teleworking, your employees will not have suffered the time wasted transport and will even gain comfort and quality of life, which will promote a significant reduction in their stress. It is likely that this will resulting in increased productivity gains, also due to better communication within your organization. This is one of the main reasons why a number of companies to fully virtualize their open-space and to generalize teleworking in this way. By definitively adopting this practice, organizations can benefit from other benefits such as reducing structural costs (office rentals, travel expenses), the decrease in sick leave and turn-over, or the ability to recruit on a geographical area.

The Power of Advanced Collaboration Video for New Uses in a LiFi Gigabit Network Infrastructure

The Videoconference solution allows you to meet in HD video conferencing from any equipment and offers advanced collaboration functions (desktop/application sharing, secure file transfer, recording, secure chat, corporate messaging, etc.). Safety is taken into account at all levels (Security design).

1- Project Group, Remoteworking: Communicating between employees and managing projects remotely is never easy. Our solution helps you manage your teams the way you would in the office. For Remoteworking as a team, our VideoConferencing solution replaces your openspace without generating its drawbacks (disruption, noise, ...).

2- Crisis management: Some critical situations require perfect synchronization between team members. Our VideoConferencing Solution adapts to challenging missions and enables global operational conduct while providing targeted management in several distinct action groups.

3- Training, workshop: Training often takes the form of simple webinars or individuality is set aside. With our Solution you offer your training to as many people as possible. Create working groups or easily respond to individual requests without disturbing the rest of the group.

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