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Gigabit LiFi network integration into the medical sector

Imagine LiFi as a wireless communication network in Medical Institutions

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Crantec is developing a LiFi network infrastructure framework for data communication in the hospital environment. In a hospital there are many medical facilities that are essential to monitor the condition of patients. For this reason, the use of WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is limited (or totally prohibited) particularly in intensive care units due to possible interference between Wi-Fi radio and medical equipment operations.

To overcome these restrictions, we offer a LiFi network infrastructure framework and a platform of applications and services for data communication using LiFi (Light Fidelity) technology within a hospital or medical facility. (Medical Cabinet, Health Establishment, Hospital, CHU, Clinic, Laboratory, Health Actor).

A LiFi Network Infrastructure to enabling increased operational efficiency to enable healthcare professionals to acquire a wireless connection using the current lighting infrastructure as a low-latency, dense, high-speed, secure communication network.

COVID-19 as a new opportunity for LiFi networking infrastructure to provide digital services in the medical sectors

During the dark hours of COVID-19 pandemic, we all witnessed a collective impossibility of being able to go to a hospital to be diagnosed or consulted by a Doctor. Tele-consultation or Telemedicine has become, and will become the recommended means of being able to benefit from remote medical advice.

That's exactly by equipping medical facilities (Medical Cabinet, Health Establishment, Hospital, CHU, Clinic, Laboratory, Health Actor, EPHAD, Home Maintenance), with a very high-speed wireless LiFi network infrastructure (minimum 1 Gb/s) per LED and integrating LiFi into the hospitals, tomorrow, medical institutions will be able to offer tele-medicine or Tele-Consultation services. Crantec offers Medical Institutions a LiFi network infrastructure that integrates a Communication Platform to provide high-confidentiality telemedicine services that respect medical confidentiality.

A telemedicine solution opened to all health professionals who can simply communicate via secure video conferencing. Easy to install and use, solution improves access to care for your patients and optimizes the organization of your business while ensuring an unprecedented level of confidentiality: its end-to-end encryption for streams (audio, video, data) offers the guarantee strict medical secrecy for your patients.

Integration of Telemedicine and LiFi secure video conferencing solutions in the medical sectors

Teleconsultation: The solution is particularly suitable for teleconsultations and thus optimizes the Time of the Practitioners, reduces travel or quickly transmits a prescription to one of his patients. For medical institutions, consulting a patient remotely becomes simpler. Our end-to-end encrypted videoconferencing solution complements your information system without disrupting your organization (booking system, medical records, etc.). To pay your fees, use payment services that allow your patients to simply pay by credit card (CB, Visa, Mastercard).

Tele-expertise: video conferencing the skills of your colleagues. The quality of communications and the richness of collaboration features optimize exchange with other healthcare professionals. This allows you to share your screen or app, transfer a folder, or even send an encrypted message.

Tele-training: supporting organisations and health institutions in their training processes. In fact, videoconferencing is easy to integrate into your infrastructure and offers your teams the opportunity to remotely attend a given training from an operating theatre or meeting room.

Security: With the secure video conferencing solution, enjoy a level of confidentiality never before achieved for telemedine acts. We offer a network infrastructure and video conferencing certified and qualified by ANSSI. In addition, no health data is collected..

Simplicity: forget the complicated and difficult-to-deploy platforms. Our Video conferencing solution easily completes your organization without disrupting your appointment-making system. In a few minutes you set up your personal space, you can then invite your patients or colleagues.

Performance: With HD/4K Ready Video quality and crystalline sound you get a truly clear and fluid video conferencing. The simplicity of installation and use helps you stay focused on the essentials: the health of your patients.

What Network Architecture Model to Offer Digital Services in the Medical Sectors - LiFi WLAN

Digital transformation in the healthcare sector is essential to support new clinical approaches and technologies that optimize processes and resource use. Digital data and applications provide greater clarity on the efficiency of processes and processing pathways, enabling optimized working methods and processing results.

Hospital staff working with electronic medical records need reliable access to platforms and data, regardless of their service and medium. Today, the HIS is the backbone of the hospital. The challenge for today's hospitals is to continuously adapt to new care services, data-intensive technologies and increased patient volumes.

Precisely, it is essential that the IT network of the HEIs can support these evolutions. Fibre To The Office (FTTO)-based architectures enable a flexible digital infrastructure to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

FTTO is an alternative to traditional LANs. It combines the advantages of fiber optic cabling with the universality of the RJ-45 on end-user equipment. FTTO-Switches, installed as close as possible to users, deliver Gigabit Ethernet services from a central switch directly to terminals (PC, IP phones, LiFi Access Points, WiFi, connected LED luminaires, cameras, etc.), avoiding the implementation of floor splitters.

Passive fiber optic cabling and active FTTO Switches are combined to provide Gigabit Ethernet services directly from the central technical room to the terminals. FTTO saves floor splitters (and their contents: active equipment, patch panels, racks) as well as the high volume of horizontal copper cables.

Gigabit LiFi Network Infrastructure and Secure Visio conferencing Solutions

The Video conference solution allows you to meet in HD video conferencing from any equipment and offers advanced collaboration functions (desktop/application sharing, secure file transfer, recording, secure chat, corporate messaging, etc.). Safety is taken into account at all levels (Secure by design).

Develop innovative LiFi mobile communication solutions for the Medical sector

Implementing a LiFi mobile network infrastructure in Hospitals, integrating LiFi solutions into medical equipment, Crantec is one of the Pioneers and opens the way to new areas of LiFi technology integration. Contact us for more information on our solutions.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design
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