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Today is: 27/06/2022

Integration of LiFi in Marine environments

Imagine LiFi as a communications network in underwater environments

Current methods of submarine data transmission are not effective due to factors such as multi-channel propagation, channel time variations and strong signal attenuation, especially over long distances. Existing solutions used for military communications, or for communications between divers and divers, operate at very low data rates and generally use acoustic waves instead of electromagnetic waves. The most common method of receiving underwater communications is the use of hydrophones, microphones based on a piezoelectric transducer. Underwater modems rely on acoustic technologies that limit speeds to a fraction of terrestrial wireless systems. LiFi technology provides a new method for submarine communications.

Imagine LiFi as a secure communications network in sensitive environments

There is currently a challenge for effective underwater wireless communications due to the loss of Radio Frequency absorption, making Wi-Fi an ineffective method of communication in underwater situations. Current systems still lend themselves to physical hand signals or fixed cables. The submarine communication system using LiFi technology is ideal for military and scuba divers operating under boats, allowing communication in the light spectrum at a certain radius via an audio system integrated into their costumes. diving.

LaserLiFi technology emits high-density white light, brighter and more distant than ever. It responds to the shortcomings of current technologies thanks to the reliable efficiency of LEDs and the narrow, shiny beams of traditional halogen and halogen. LaserLight exceeds the limits of existing lighting options to provide high-luminance, high-luminance, secure, collimated long-throw beams from an incredibly small, lightweight source. It not only offers superior technology, it offers new possibilities for specialized lighting. The Laser is the only source of lighting capable of staying at the powerful of the marine current and transmitting the LiFi signal in the depth of the waters.

Integration of secure LiFi communications in sensitive sectors

LaserLiFi technology with its purity of illumination offers new perspectives in wireless communication. It is now possible to transmit sensitive data over a long distance through light or LiFi. Imagine the possible marine applications with a Gigabit LiFi signal transmitted at a distance of a kilometer.

Imagine LiFi, access the Internet by light in each cabin with your LiFi Smartphone

Our LiFi Smart Building solutions fit perfectly into cruise ships, such as those of Costa Cruise, which is the largest cruise ship company in Europe, the only one to offer such a wide and varied choice of itineraries. Each ship offers unique atmospheres and will take you around the world with all the comforts you need to make you feel at home. Aboard these boats, service excellence and friendliness characterize the style of Costa vacations, with wireless Internet access by LiFi light in each cabin.

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