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Crantec LiFi Smart Building - Hotels

Migrating your current lighting network to an infrastructure of LiFi luminaires integrated into your local network

Turn your hotel from a fixed asset into a highly integrated, automated, data-based machine designed for efficiency, comfort and agility. Start leveraging data from every corner of your space with a LiFi Gigabit Network Infrastructure at the center of your connected environment.

Whether the desire to lead to energy-efficient buildings stems from a desire to contribute to environmental sustainability or the economic benefits of energy savings, buildings are now expected to be energy efficient. Making buildings energy efficient can go far beyond the use of green renewable energy sources and better insulation. Today, PoE networks are becoming a mechanism to maximize energy savings and improve overall building efficiency.

A LiFi lighting infrastructure connected to the PoE network creates staggering energy savings - saves costs and creates improved residential, office and retail environments - turning buildings into "agile assets." Thanks to this LiFi network infrastructure, you can transform your building into a virtual workspace offering innovative and secure digital services to your customers, including Remoteworking, video conferencing, video collaboration, telemedicine or Teleconsultation platforms...

Our solutions to give you access to the Internet by light in your hotel room with your smartphone - LiFi

Imagine the LiFi, imagine you enter your Hotel room, you are detected by the Presence Detector that gives you wireless access to the broadband Internet by light. LiFi luminaires integrate easily into your existing network infrastructure and can be controlled from one location, or controlled remotely via your smartphone.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

Integration of LiFi Smart Building functions into the Digital Building infrastructure

Our LiFi Smart Building Solution is an innovation on the market for all Smart Building projects. Our technology is designed to be easily integrated into Cisco Didital Building or Smart Building infrastructures.

We are witnessing a new technological era with unprecedented change in the way buildings are used, operated and maintained. For example, the lighting network in a building becomes a communication network with the integration of LiFi technology. Mobility, visualization, data analytics and media-rich collaboration tools are rapidly converting buildings into digital workspaces. Architects, Designers who have understood the benefits of a flexible and robust technology infrastructure, and who not only can manage today's technological requirements, can also anticipate future needs by offering Building owners key benefits to take the lead in the real estate market.

Imagine LiFi Smart Lighting - LiFi Smart Hotel

Imagine LiFi, imagine the lighting network in your buildings also becomes the communication network with wireless access and very high speed internet, the LiFi. Hotel owners who build these types of buildings will become leaders in the real estate market by providing users with pleasant living and working environments, thereby promoting flexibility and enhancing the user experience with new uses. NextLiFi has the market's only solution to integrate LiFi Luminaires in IP Ethernet networks, Cisco Digital Building and Home Automation, to control them via Smartphone, Tablet, Touch Table, Touch Mirror, Digital Frame, Laptop, Smart TV.

LiFi Smart Building cabling architecture

These are the essential pieces you need to converge separate networks, such as cabling to support the Power Over Ethernet (PoE) architecture, which is the foundation for LiFi Smart Lighting and Smart Building.

Logical architecture diagram of LiFi Smart Building - LiFi WLAN

One infrastructure to provide energy or power and data to connected devices; A company-wide network for all systems where data sharing is available on all connected objects.

When we talk about the LiFi Smart Building, we invite owners of buildings to consider: - the reduction of the costs of the necessary infrastructure during construction and during all the life of the building; - Reduction of operational costs by consolidating technology; - Cyber security risk management by eliminating unsecured networks; - The opportunity to promote data collection across systems to make better business and make good decisions; - The provision of a flexible infrastructure that is ready to take advantage of future technology.

Overview of a Smart Building LiFi infrastructure with all 5G LiFi luminaires connected in PoE

Before the implementation of a LiFi Smart Building infrastructure, we proceed with the preparation, study and analysis of the Builders' Specifications. We work with architects and designers to offer LiFi Smart building integration solutions that meet their expectations.

Our 5G LiFi Luminaires becomes a real Communications Platform in every room of your establishment

Crantec is developing the Light Communication Platform (LCP) with the integrated LiFi 5G, an innovative solution for delivering digital content to all LiFi 5G luminaires equipped with a High Definition display. Our LiFi 5G Luminaires allow Hotel Owners to earn money by advertising in every room of the Hotel. The LiFi 5G luminaire network is therefore an Return on Investment of where each Luminaire can bring in money instead of constituting a charge for the Company. With the launch of the next LiFi 5G Smartphones, you have a free LiFi 5G mobile communications network in your hotel.

Our LiFi Smart Building Solution is able to integrate IP network equipment with the home automation system, for example, multi-function control panels, and tablet or Smartphone control application. With scene control, lighting and devices can communicate together to create distinct moods.

Crantec develops an innovative network of 5G LiFi Digital Services inside and outside buildings

Inside and outside buildings, our LiFi 5G luminaires can deliver Digital Content to LiFi 5G Smarphones or Wearable IoT LiFi 5G objects. Crantec is a Pioneer in the integration of LiFi 5G in this beautiful handbag to receive the LiFi 5G mobile network, like any LiFi smartphone.

A Mobile Communication LiFi Network Infrastructure and Digital Services

We have the technical solution to deploy a LiFi 5G network to offer your customers innovative digital services inside your buildings. Imagine an IoT touch table equipped with a LiFi receiver antenna, whose digital content comes from a network of LiFi 5G powered PoE luminaires.

Crantec LiFi Marketing Business Services to generate new revenue in Hotels

LiFi will be for Hoteliers who will be the pioneers of the deployment of a LiFi Wireless Mobile Network, their next marketing engine when powered by Marketing and LiFi analysis data. LiFi Marketing and Analytics are a system for tracking and understanding customer behavior through the use of the LiFi Mobile Network deployed in your Hotel. Your LiFi connection collects Customer information, such as when and how often customers visit, Internet usage patterns (if the Customer connects to the LiFi access point), first customer return rates, etc.

Our LiFi Marketing Platform offers various tools to encourage Hotel Guests to create links with the Hotel brand. The connection with a brand revolves around the "relationship" or "experience" associated with the brand. Making a Guest feel like they have a one-on-one relationship with your hotel will increase guests' sense of loyalty.

As a starting point, you can offer the Hotel's free wireless Internet that your guests come to enjoy. This may even be the reason why they choose you when your price is similar to that of another Hotel that charges for wireless internet usage.

Crantec offers Hotels a LiFi Marketing Services Platform allowing them to transform the Lighting Network of their Hotel into a real Communications Network by providing very high speed LiFi access to Intenet, selling video advertisements and automatically sending special offers at defined time intervals, to The Users of the Hotel Network. This leads to an increase in revenue for Hosts and other services.

Enter solutions for Teleworking, Visioconference, Telemedicine or Secure LiFi Teleconsultation in your Hotel

Turn your hotel into a virtual Open-Space offering your customers innovative digital services. In a hotel room, guests can stay connected to your virtual open space continuously: Keeping in touch is essential for teams learning to telecommute. In order to find the interactions they have in their offices it is therefore advised to consider an ongoing audiovisual relationship within the teams. The video-collaboration mode of our Visioconference solution responds to this need and optimizes communication between the different members creating a virtual open-space. In the same way, videoconferencing it is possible to talk only to certain participants without disturbing others and even choosing to isolate themselves to work at the quiet by being connected to his team.

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design
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