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Crantec LiFi Smart Building - Commercial

Migrating your lighting network to LiFi luminaires infrastructure integrated into your local network

Crantec offers you a migration of your traditional lighting network to a LiFi Mobile Network infrastructure. Crantec offers a solution allowing the integration of the LiFi Network into an existing Network Infrastructure and with your Technical Building Management (BMS) system. This solution can be controlled via Tablet, Smarphone or your current control interface. The control of the LiFi Smart Building can be done from smartphone, tablet, touch table, touch mirior, digital frame, laptop, Smart TV, Voice assistant.

Imagine LiFi, imagine you enter the offices, you access the Internet with your tablets by light - LiFi

Remember that LiFi is a wireless mobile communications technology, like WiFi, but more secure and with a very high bandwidth speed (more than 10 Gb/s), using visible or invisible light. It is therefore not necessary to turn on in broad daylight or night to access the Internet on a LiFi Mobile Network. LiFi can be integrated into any Object to transform into an Internet Access Point or a Communications Router to the Internet.

Imagine the LiFi for example, when you enter the Offices, in the Home Space, you are detected by the Presence Detector which gives you wireless access to very high speed Internet by light (visible or invisible). LiFi luminaires easily integrate into your existing network infrastructure and can be controlled from one place, or controlled remotely via your Smartphone.

For each Luminaire, you can define security rules for accessing information on your Company's Local Network or for Internet access. Given the density of luminaires within your Establishment, you therefore have a real wireless communications network, and each Luminaire becomes an Access Point, a channel for the dissemination of geo-localized, geo-contextualized digital content.

Standard Architecture for Implementing a LiFi Wireless Mobile Network Infrastructure in a Smart Building

LiFi is a network technology like WiFi and naturally integrates in the same way with your existing LOCAL network. A LiFi Access Point can co-exist with a WiFi Access Point without generating electromagnetic interference.

Our LiFi Smart Building Solution is an innovation on the market for all Smart Building projects. Our technology is designed to be easily integrated into Cisco Didital Building or Smart Building infrastructures.

We are witnessing a new technological era with unprecedented change in the way buildings are used, operated and maintained. For example, the lighting network in a building becomes a communication network with the integration of LiFi technology. Mobility, visualization, data analytics and media-rich collaboration tools are rapidly converting buildings into digital workspaces. Architects, Designers who have understood the benefits of a flexible and robust technology infrastructure, and who not only can manage today's technological requirements, can also anticipate future needs by offering Building owners key benefits to take the lead in the real estate market.

Imaginez le LiFi Smart Lighting - LiFi Smart Building - accédez à Internet par la lumière invisible sur votre Smartphone LiFi

We offer several ways to access the LiFi Mobile Network. You use the Smartphone, the Tablet, the LiFi Laptop, see your Smart TVs, your Large Format Video Wall screens.

Imagine LiFi, imagine the lighting network in your buildings also become the communication network with wireless access and very high speed internet, the LiFi. Building owners who build these types of buildings will become leaders in the real estate market by providing users with pleasant living and working environments, thereby enhancing flexibility and enhancing the user experience with new uses.

Crantec has the only solution in the market to integrate LiFi luminaires in Ethernet IP networks, Cisco Digital Building and Home Automation, to control them via Smartphone, Tablet, Touch Table, Touch Mirror, Digital Frame, Laptop, Smart TV .

LiFi Smart Building cabling architecture

These are the essential pieces you need to converge separate networks, such as cabling to support the Power Over Ethernet (PoE) architecture, which is the foundation for LiFi Smart Lighting and Smart Building.

Logical architecture diagram of LiFi Smart Building

One infrastructure to provide energy or power and data to connected devices; A company-wide network for all systems where data sharing is available on all connected objects.

When we talk about the LiFi Smart Building, we invite owners of buildings to consider: - the reduction of the costs of the necessary infrastructure during construction and during all the life of the building; - Reduction of operational costs by consolidating technology; - Cyber security risk management by eliminating unsecured networks; - The opportunity to promote data collection across systems to make better business and make good decisions; - The provision of a flexible infrastructure that is ready to take advantage of future technology.

Deploy a LiFi Mobile Network Infrastructure to benefit from new innovative Services

Be at the forefront of the Digital Transformation imposed on everyone and take advantage of Optical Network technologies to provide new Services with High Added Value. LiFi technology is integrated into these screens that give you access to the new Services with network density, excellent connectivity quality, signal reliability, unprecedented bandwidth.

Before the implementation of a LiFi Smart Building infrastructure we carry out the preliminary, study and analysis of the Manufacturers' Specifications. We work with architects and designers to offer LiFi Smart building integration solutions that meet their expectations.

Crantec integrates LiFi into these screens to transform them into a true very high-speed LiFi Access Point. From these screens, for example, your Customers will be able to call, engage in a Video Conference, access their Social Networks...

Light Communication Platform by Crantec is the first 5G IoT LiFi Luminaire with (AI) integrated for Smart Building

Light Communications Platform by Crantec. Crantec designs and unveils the first LiFi Luminaire with vision, Artificial Intelligence and integrated High Definition screen. First LiFi luminaire for the 5G network integrating a content delivery platform. By buying our luminaires, you are making an investment, because you become the owner of an innovative platform for the expression and distribution of digital content, equiting it from television channels. You have a free 5G LiFi LAN. In addition, you earn money by selling negotiated advertising to advertisers. Contact Us.

Crantec develops a new generation of 5G LiFi Lumnaries with Vision, AI integrated for Smart Building

Imagine the potential that a Commercial Space with 5G LiFi luminaires can offer. This luminaire gives access to a free 5G LiFi mobile network and also offers unlimited marketing possibilities for the distribution of advertising content. Every light fixture in your Commercial Space is an investment that makes money.

A set of our solutions to integrate LiFi into the Smart Building

A building without limits: Ready for services thanks to its network with open APIs High-speed connectivity and easy addition of Internet objects in PoE. The new generation of Safety Lighting Blocks with integrated HD display can also be powered by PoE.

Less environmental impact:

Significant reduction in copper compared to conventional cables High energy efficiency through intelligent and efficient use of direct current.

Simplified maintenance:

Reduction of electrical risks (<60V DC). The solution includes predictive maintenance features Plug & Play connections via RJ45 connectors.

Smart Investment:

PoE applications increase the value of a building, Easily and quickly reconfigure your office space, without any retargeting required, for the work environments of today and tomorrow. Increased security: The network is secured with the latest proven encrypted technologies.

Increased security: The network is secured with the latest proven encrypted technologies.

Crantec LiFi Marketing Business Services to generate new revenue in Retail

Crantec LiFi Marketing Services Platform is a cloud system with possibilities that connects various devices to a smart LiFi network. It provides centralized device management, LiFi network control, access method settings, guest account updates, extraordinary analytics and reporting, easy extension of LiFi Network.

For Shopping Malls, our LiFi Marketing Services Platform allows you to serve video ads and automatically sends special offers at set time intervals, resulting in increased revenue from your services. The system collects data and surveys, which provide objective feedback on customer satisfaction.

A LiFi Network in a Shopping Center is a perfect channel to collect the opinions of your Customers and Users. Gather valuable information about your Customers that can be used for marketing purposes and to improve the quality of your services. Resolve customer complaints, which you may not have been aware of, and avoid some unpleasant and damaging issues. All data is instantly available and gathered in readable analitycs, without any paperwork. The Customer survey can be displayed on the initial login page or sent by email after a set time interval.

Crantec is Pioneering FTTO LiFi WLAN Network Infrastructures for the next generation of Smart Buildings

Crantec LiFi Solutions Design

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is now the ideal solution for a smart building. The technology makes it possible to inject direct current in very low voltage via standard Ethernet cables to both power equipment and exchange a large amount of data. The use of PoE in commercial buildings continues to grow due to the increase in connected objects in our workspaces.

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