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Today is: 29/05/2022

LiFi Integration in Industrial Environments

Imagine LiFi as a communications network in industrial environments

Control rooms and equipment associated with sensitive facilities and utilities obviously have critical functions in which millions of lives are at risk in the event of failure. Connectivity of communications by the light, LiFi can eliminate the risk of interference with such electronic devices, avoiding the use of radio frequencies in and around these facilities. LiFi connectivity can also be used as a backup system for existing networks, wired or wireless.

Imagine LiFi as a secure communications network in sensitive environments

Visible light communications and LiFi products are intrinsically safer than other methods of data transmission, since listening is virtually impossible, transmissions are short-range and generally do not propagate beyond their intended range, and can not penetrate walls or other barriers, unlike WiFi. This creates an ideal technology for sensitive data communications.

Integration of secure LiFi communications in sensitive sectors

LiFi secure communications solutions are already deployed in conference rooms and office environments requiring the utmost security and avoidance of eavesdropping. These stand-alone units can be installed in most indoor rooms and are ideal for confidential government or business meetings, providing highly secure and addressable data communications (person-specific), allowing access to data and information. transmission according to staff needs or security clearance. Since the signal uses light, transmissions are virtually impossible to intercept and stay in a targeted area near the end user..

LiFi as M2M communications network

LiFi solutions are ideal for Machine to Machine (M2M) applications in factories and other industrial sites. "machine to machine" refers to direct communication between devices using any communication channel, including wired and wireless. With potentially thousands of devices requiring monitoring and control, the deployment of LiFi technology is one of the better options than hard-wired techniques and communication methods using radio frequencies, since cabling is expensive and often impossible to deploy. Due to various factors, such as moving equipment, and RF methods require a spectrum that may not be available or be subject to interference and congestion problems. LiFi wireless networks that are interconnected can improve production, safety, reliability, and efficiency in a multitude of industrial configurations.

LiFi as a mobile communications network in the next generations of Trains and Metros

LiFi solutions offer reliable connectivity, very high speed even in a moving train. Imagine the potential for integration and applications in future generations of Trains and Metros, as a platform for the dissemination of innovative digital content and services.

LiFi as an M2M communication network integrated into mobile inspection robotics in Industry

LiFi is a reliable technology for robotics and Industry 4.0 in general. We can now imagine the next generations of programmable 4.0 industries integrating LiFi Optical communication networks. Crantec is one of the pioneers in the integration of LiFi Gigabit technology into robotics. These robots are equipped with Artificial Intelligence for control, maintenance and surveillance operations. The information captured is transmitted via the LiFi network to the Management Center. They are mobile robots that can be controlled remotely. Imagine the endless possibilities offered by these mobile robots when they are equipped with LiFi mobile communications capabilities with a bandwidth varying from 1Gb / s to 20Gb/s.

Whether it's detecting dangerous situations or drawing attention to risky behaviors, the artificial intelligence embedded in the robot can alert teams to threats and reduce risks quickly and effectively. The information is thus transmitted in real time via the LiFi mobile network to the Operational Centers.

Assign information gathering tasks to mobile robotics in sensitive environments

By automating labor-intensive tasks, such as reading analog gauges, inspecting installations, detecting anomalies on a production line, and monitoring equipment and people to improve safety and reduce operating costs. Integrate LiFi as a mobile communication network to transmit collected data in real time.

Why integrating LiFi technology into mobile industrial inspection robotics

This mobile robot has WiFi connectivity, an Ethernet and USB port for network communications. In sensitive industrial environments, the WiFi network is not operational. The integration of Gigabit LiFi technology in this mobile robot makes it possible to break away from the WiFi network if the signal is weak and automatically switch from the WiFi network to the LiFi mobile network. Gigabit LiFi technology offers the advantage of being able to automatically switch from the WiFi signal to LiFi and vice versa. Crantec is one of the pioneers in the integration of LiFi Gigabit technology into robotics.

The integration of LiFi technology into mobile inspection robotics opens up new opportunities in the industrial sector. LiFi wireless networks that are interconnected can improve production, safety, reliability, and efficiency in a multitude of industrial configurations.

Why integrating LiFi into industrial production mobile robotics

In Industry 4.0 equipped with a LiFi wireless communication network, mobile robots with integrated LiFi can be used to perform maintenance or industrial handling operations.

Contact us for all your research or development projects for LiFi solutions in industrial environments.

Mobile robots can control, identify and transmit information in real time through the LiFi wireless network

In Industry 4.0, LiFi technology offers integration opportunities that are only limited by the imagination. Associated with a vision and an Artificial Intelligence module, a robot can play an essential role in the identification and detection of manufacturing defects for Quality Control. The robot can therefore use the LiFi mobile network to transmit information in real time to the Operational Control Center.

Intelligent, Autonomous, Mobile and Communicating Robot via the very high speed LiFi wireless communication network

Imagine mobile robots equipped with LiFi receivers and with Artificial Intelligence. These robots can be remotely controlled and can communicate in real time with Data Centers via the LiFi wireless communication network. Crantec has the technology and expertise for the integration of LiFi components in robotics.

LiFi as an M2M communications network integrated for robotics surveillance applications

In some cases, it is useful to use Robots for their discretion in operations. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, these robots can be connected via LiFi or an Ethernet PoE network to ensure identification and operational surveillance missions as part of protection against industrial spy. They can also play an essential role in Manufacturing Quality Control..

Take advantage of the LiFi wireless network and the intelligence embedded in surveillance robotics

Crantec designs, develops and integrates LiFi into real mobile identification and surveillance agents. These robots can communicate in real time via a LiFi wireless network. They can be controlled remotely and can be positioned on any LiFi Access Point to transmit information to the Operational Centers.

Develop mobile communication solutions for industrial protection and surveillance

Leader in the integration of LiFi solutions, Crantec opens the way to new areas of LiFi technology integration. Think of protection against industrial spy and imagine robotics surveillance. Contact us for more information.

Develop innovative LiFi mobile communication solutions for the Medical sector

Implementing a LiFi mobile network infrastructure in Hospitals, integrating LiFi solutions into medical equipment, Crantec is one of the Pioneers and opens the way to new areas of LiFi technology integration. Contact us for more information on our solutions.

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